[V8] Blue car sparks right up

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Fri Apr 24 00:27:17 PDT 2009

Hey, after a year hiatus, I put the new crank sensors in, and my blue  
car sparked right up.  Put it away for the timing belt, and the hot  
start thing, became the "no start thing".   Got the sensors @  
"thebenzbin.com (had looked up some parts for a friend and found  
it).  Paid something like $118 each for OEM(VW/audi box #077-905-381- 
A)...no shipping.  In the end it was the Ignition Reference sensor,  
but I feel good that I have 2 new ones installed, and I've tested and  
saved the speed sensor......I'd totally forgot how nice this car  
was.  Feels like a brand new car.  Timing belt this month/Steering  
rack/hoses/repaint the bumpers(front's coming off, and both have  
paint completely pealed off the plastic.  Have toyed with the idea of  
having the bumpers "Rhinolined", instead of painted Lago, but with  
the black rubber, might look a bit too black, or ?  Then it's a big  
roadtrip!  Things are good....Tom

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