[V8] Automatic Transmission Multi-Function Switch

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You can actually remove the switch enterely, and simply jump the wires 
needed. I'd just cut the plug off, and solder or crimp and heat shrink the 
needed wires. Actually, I'd fix the starter issue by jumpering the relay, 
but here's what you need to know for the switch.

As mentioned, you need to find the blue wire for the reverse lights, and 
provide 12V+ to it. For the starter circuit, Here's what I can interpret. 
The only connection to the trans circuit is through the alarm system, it's 
the ground for switching the starter/interlock relay (number 8). It's 
connected to the multi function switch via a green wire, from terminal 1/50W 
on the switch. This is connected to a brown/white wire on terminal 2/50, 
which is a ground Feed. The circuit is completed when the shifter is in Park 
or Neutral. So, you will need to jumper the brown/white wire to the green 
wire, and this basically bypasses the MFS altogether.

BTW, that bundle of wires leads back to the TCU, under the dash on the 
drivers side. If you were to kick your foot right above the clutch pedal, 
you'd hit it and the ECU. Pull the drivers side knee bolster for a clear 


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> Hey, a new Wiki page. :)
> http://www.audifans.com/kb/Automatic_Multi-Function_Switch
> It shows the widget that was opened up and where connections were
> soldered to fool the ECU into thinking the automatic is in neutral,
> so my converted-to-a-5-speed can start.
> I'm trying to figure out a few things:
> a) If I can clean up this mess and open up the sheath of wires and make a
> cleaner kludge -- that is, find the correct wires and use a but connector
> to join them, thereby get rid of the MFS,cleaning up the engine bay.
> b) I hope to find a blue? wire in that bundle of wires, and confirm that
> giving it 12V will light up the backup lights. I can then tie the backup
> switch on the 5-speed transmission to that blue wire, and make my backup
> lights work.
> c) I'd like to determine where that bundle of wires leads, to cut
> them back as far as I can to clean up the engine bay.
> My V8 has a lowered suspension, so I can't really see underneath.
> And the apartment complex here has a rule about not working on
> cars in the parking lot, so jacking up the car would be problematic.
> Thanks.
> -- 
> Kent

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