[V8] open vacuum line

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
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Just took another look at your pic and the other switch is there, hiding in
the background.  You'll need another short piece of hose to connect to it.
The switch dumps the vacuum when the pedal is depressed, cancelling the

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No.  For manual transmission, both clutch and brake have a cruise control
switch on the pedal bracket.

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Ed Kellock wrote:
> Yes, that is the cruise control vacuum line.  It does not connect to
> the engien vacuum system at any point.  It goes through the firewall 
> and to the cruise control vacuum pump in the driver's side fender well 
> behind the hydraulic pump reservoir.  There is a T off of it near the 
> driver's side distributor that goes to the cruise control throttle 
> control diaphram.

> <http://home.comcast.net/~kentmclean/audi/v8/DSCF0007.JPG>

So in the image, should the T that is shown with an open end have its open
end plugged?


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