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 I wonder how many states, local authorities or even local mechanics would actually know enough to catch the engine swap, let alone deem in 'unregisterable'?? If done neatly and no one is grinning stupidly in the corner, it would most likely be assumed to be a stock engine.? Where would they catch it?? OBD?? I guess emissions would show a need for a 6 and they'd find 8...just tell them the engine includes a dealer spares kit ;)? I'm sure some states are worse than others, but I know I'd have no issue in MD or PA taking that car through - it's a factory engine so it's not like one of the MANY MANY MANY 240 series Volvos with Ford V8s in them and those go through inspection.

How different is this from a 3.6 - 4.2 swap, or one of the 5.0 Miatas, or all 8 billion ricers with engine swaps?



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    .... not everyone has such an "aw shucks" arrangement ...     I know I certainly wouldn't appreciate buying such a car and then finding  that I couldn't register it due to an illegal engine swap.    Steve Buchholz    -----Original Message-----    One of the nice things about being in Maine, and being on pretty good  relations with my wrench, is that inspections and emissions are not an  issue.  Outside of Cumberland and York counties there is no such thing as  emissions.  In addition to that, my wrench is my inspection station, so  inspecting the car would be no issue.    <<<SNIP>>>    Roger    -----Original Message-----    One problem I see arising from your proposed swap Roger, is that your   stating off with a chassis that's newer than the motor you want to swap in.   Big no no, and wont get by inspection or emissions(if applicable) While you   are allowed to swap out motors , they must be from same year or newer   car(  Your best bet would be to start out with an abh, and stuff that into a    100/s4. Good luck. BTW, there is already a  97 S6+ here CT , so it can be   done. Al      _______________________________________________  Audifans V8 mailing list  Send posts to: mailto:V8 at audifans.com  Manage your list connection: http://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/v8    You can help keep the audifans site running by shopping at http://audifans.com/shop/      

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