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Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
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The first thing to consider is that Steve is in CA. The state actually 
encourages (read between the lines) the inspectors to catch anything not 
complying with state laws. The state laws in CA (and five other states that 
have joined CA) read that whatever is newer is what is used for the 
judgement of meeting emissions. IOW, if you took a 1990 V8 engine and put it 
into a 1998(for instance) A6, that engine would have to meet the original 
emission standards of the OEM engine that came in that A6. However, if you 
put a 1995 Ford 5.0 into a 1992 Miata, or a 1989 Volvo, etc, then that 
engine has to meet the standard of the 1995 vehicle that it came out of. 
Much simpler to tackle the later example.

That is the same reason why a 4.2 swap wouldn't be out of order. If using 
everything from the 4.2, it should have no problem passing it's original 
emissions standards.

I have a few friends who live in LA(car guys) and they say that most of the 
"illegal" cars there are registered in different states, which is risky. 
But, it's about the only way to get around the state of CA laws.

BTW, most mechanics I've worked with, while not geniuses, can tell the 
difference between a V6 and a V8 ;-)


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> I wonder how many states, local authorities or even local mechanics would 
> actually know enough to catch the engine swap, let alone deem in 
> 'unregisterable'?? If done neatly and no one is grinning stupidly in the 
> corner, it would most likely be assumed to be a stock engine.? Where would 
> they catch it?? OBD?? I guess emissions would show a need for a 6 and 
> they'd find 8...just tell them the engine includes a dealer spares kit ;)? 
> I'm sure some states are worse than others, but I know I'd have no issue 
> in MD or PA taking that car through - it's a factory engine so it's not 
> like one of the MANY MANY MANY 240 series Volvos with Ford V8s in them and 
> those go through inspection.
> How different is this from a 3.6 - 4.2 swap, or one of the 5.0 Miatas, or 
> all 8 billion ricers with engine swaps? 

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