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 How do people get away with all of the engine swaps constantly touted in SoCal?? They just meet emissions for the correct year or ?? Seems like it would be a much bigger PITA to get it inspected than to actually swap it!



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    . let's see, they look at the sticker under the hood and try to match what  they see on the sticker to what they see in front of them.  They go by the  master book from CARB . which stipulates that 1990 V8Qs have a functioning  MIL . even though it is well documented that only the California certified  cars have the MIL light connected.  It is allowable to assume stupidity .  but sometimes stupidity works against you.  I had a "smog pro" want to fail  my urq because nothing was connected to the fitting on top of the wastegate  . even the sticker under the hood showed no connection . fortunately for me  the MOTORS manual for the urq labeled the fitting as a vent .          If you can't "sneak" it past the "smog pros" then you get to go to the  referees . referees aren't stupid.  They know how to read and decode engine  numbers . and what equipment goes with a particular engine.  I've heard that  if you do a proper job the referees aren't that difficult to deal with . but  they aren't likely to bend the rules.           The State of California runs sting operations to catch "smog pros" who are  not doing a thorough job . I know a guy who used to do auto repair and smog  checks . he got busted a couple times on sneaky mods and decided to get out  of the business.  He was the kind of guy I like to have working on my car .  I hear others like him have gotten out of the business too.           My newest car is the '91 V8 . which doesn't have much in the way of OBD .  newer cars get the OBD-II connector hooked up to the emissions check  equipment . I don't know how much gets validated in this process . it may  just be checking for codes .          To respond to Kent on the 5-speed conversion . that is something the "smog  pros" wouldn't even know to look for.  A lot of people worry about bringing  an out of state car into California . as long as the car is reasonably  stock, there's nothing much to worry about.  California has to allow out of  state cars to come in without requiring additional equipment.  The equip

ment  the car has needs to be working though .          Steve Buchholz    I wonder how many states, local authorities or even local mechanics would  actually know enough to catch the engine swap, let alone deem in  'unregisterable'?  If done neatly and no one is grinning stupidly in the  corner, it would most likely be assumed to be a stock engine.  Where would  they catch it?  OBD?  I guess emissions would show a need for a 6 and they'd  find 8...just tell them the engine includes a dealer spares kit ;)  I'm sure  some states are worse than others, but I know I'd have no issue in MD or PA  taking that car through - it's a factory engine so it's not like one of the  MANY MANY MANY 240 series Volvos with Ford V8s in them and those go through  inspection.    How different is this from a 3.6 - 4.2 swap, or one of the 5.0 Miatas, or  all 8 billion ricers with engine swaps?    John              -----Original Message-----    .... not everyone has such an "aw shucks" arrangement ...     I know I  certainly wouldn't appreciate buying such a car and then finding  that I  couldn't register it due to an illegal engine swap.    Steve Buchholz  -----Original Message-----    One of the nice things about being in Maine,  and being on pretty good  relations with my wrench, is that inspections and  emissions are not an  issue.  Outside of Cumberland and York counties there  is no such thing as  emissions.  In addition to that, my wrench is my  inspection station, so  inspecting the car would be no issue.    <<<SNIP>>>  Roger    -----Original Message-----    One problem I see arising from your  proposed swap Roger, is that your   stating off with a chassis that's newer  than the motor you want to swap in.   Big no no, and wont get by inspection  or emissions(if applicable) While you   are allowed to swap out motors ,  they must be from same year or newer   car(  Your best bet would be to start  out with an abh, and stuff that into a    100/s4. Good luck. BTW, there is  already a  97 S6+ here CT , so it can be   

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