[V8] back-up light switch

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 29 16:01:52 PDT 2009

Kent, at this point the easiest thing to do is put an ohm meter across the 
switches one at a time and see which goes to zero when in reverse. Car on or 
not will not matter. One will light for reverse, the other for fifth gear. 
Hook up the one that drops to zero when the shifter is in reverse, and you 
will have success.

The other is for an upshift light. You don't want it lighting up in fifth, 
when there is no other gear to go into, so that tells the upshift indicator 
not to come on once you are in top gear.

If you want to keep it as neat and factory as possible, pull the power for 
the switch from that harness. It will be the Gray wire. That's what fed 
power to that multi function switch originally.


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Subject: [V8] back-up light switch

> So I switched to the model 200, which might have been the donor for
> the transmission. But my search on '89, '90, and '91 came up empty
> when searching "switch", "back-up", and "reverse". However, switching
> the Model/Year/etc. to A20:1990:9:19:159-50, also shows 2 back-up light
> switches, also arranged as above, also with the same part number (but
> identified is item 6).
> Does anyone know which switch is which?
> And while I'm under there, does anyone have a suggestion as to where
> I could pick up 12V (switched, preferably) to feed the switch? 

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