[V8] V8 MPG actual

John Bysinger doog at bysinger.net
Wed Aug 5 16:19:41 PDT 2009

I know quite a few of us watch our MPG religiously since it so often
indicates an issue in our cars when it drops.  This whole cash for clunkers
debate had me talking elsewhere about the fueleconomy.gov rating for our
cars (14mpg.)  And of course, folks over there can't seem to wrap their
heads around how an older V8 powered car can possibly get 18, 19, or even
20mpg for an overall mpg average.  So if you all know your mpg, what are you

My 1990 seems to average around 17 city, 22ish highway, and tank to tank
around 19 doing about 3/4 in town 1/4 highway.


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