[V8] the V8 , chirp ... chrip

D Morralee superdaveski at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 6 04:33:28 PDT 2009

took the struts out and looked them over and found nothing to indicate this was the source of the "chirping "  After taking out and inspecting the Large horizontal bolt that holds the Rear control arm ... it was found to be the culprit ! I cleaned up and lubricated it and everything is great. There was no play in the control arm, but the bushing on the end looks like it has had better days. Time to replace the CA . Thanks guys for your input ... now I can hear the exhaust mod perfectly . superdave 


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> Subject: [V8] the V8 , chirp ... chrip
> 2nd that....My chirp went away when I ground off the top of the strut 
> after replacing them.....Tom
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