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Hi All ..


Sounds like you have an interesting journey ahead.

Depending on the specifics of the site you have in mind.
I would not over look solar (electric/heat and hot water),
geo-thermal, or even hydro if your lot, has a stream 
through it ?

There is an annual off-grid housing design contest sponsored
in part through the DOE and will take place on the Washington
Mall this coming October ...Links below should help you get
a little further down the road ...




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Hi All...

It is good to look forward and even backward, at what may motivate 
us in the future.

Being involved in some of my spare time helping organize an annual 
alternative transportation and energy symposiums and events.. I can 
say that there have been some good advances in battery storage 
technology and many advances in various hydrogen powered vehicles
as well.

For example Ford has been selling direct hydrogen injected Triton V10 
conversions to corporate fleet buyers and municipalities for several years
as well as, having a verity of Focuses and Edges converted to Hydrogen 
Fuel Cell technology for a few years .. And I can tell you the Hydrogen 
Fuel Cell Focus is quite FAST!

GM 2 years ago fielded a fleet of Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered vehicles in 
NY State and California .. Directly in the hands of some lucky consumers 
to test the various hydrogen distribution infrastructures with reasonably 
good success.

Storing hydrogen under high pressure does remain a difficulty.. However 
creating supplies from solar and wind through hydrolysis, or reformation 
stations at ones home, converting natural gas into hydrogen has been 
available and affordable for several years.

Most futurists conclude that battery storage technology will be the more 

And applying Moore's Law to fast charge plug in technology with develop-
ment programs coming out of MIT and else where, will leave us all with 
the ability of making long journeys with battery technology.. Perhaps with 
the same ease we extend our untethered lap top sessions by swapping 
out batteries.  That with some good foresight could recharge, if we left 
them in a sunny dashboard.

Thinking of all this again in a performance realm had me reaching for an 
old copy of the Green Car Journal <greencar.com> Two yeas ago a UK 
Co., Lightning Car Co., was advertising an all electric Super Car priced 
at 300K. in an Aston/Jag 2 seater type envelope.

Using NanoSafe batteries which retain 85% capacity after 15,000 charges
with a twelve year life expectancy .. And have the ability to recharge in 
minutes with rapid chargers. 

Range was stated as 250 miles with ( 4 ) PML Flight-link Hi-Pa HPD40 
in wheel motors, offering 533 ft-lbs of torque EACH! .. (New Quattro?)

Reported performance was under 4 seconds to 60 MPH and top speed
150 MPH .. I would have guessed more.. But sign me up for it anyway!

Cant wait to pick up another copy of Green Car in two more years
to see how closely these technologies keep pace with Moore's Law
and silicon developments. 




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