[V8] Your milage may vary

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I never relied on the computer, I just calculated based on mileage and 
gas used... at the time stock everything and no rack.  Avg speed 
door-to-door from Providence to Philly suburbs was 67mph.  It stuck in 
my head as I knew I was going fast on 95, but didn't realize I was 
going THAT fast.  I'm glad to hear that the mileage is good for you 
Scott.  Now give it back :)


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My actual using gallons per miles driven (not the computer which is 

2-3 MPG optimistic) has been 16.2-16.4.

Maxing out at 23 with 100% highway (at 75-80MPH).

Someone getting close to 30 must drive like....er, I mean be 
responsible -

and not have heavy aftermarket wheels, roof rack, ect to get that good

actual  milage!!

Winter warmups and stop in go in bad weather means 13-15 all winter- 

better (with new OXY sensor ) city 19.5 Highway- maybe cold weather mix 


BTW, Roger you really need to look into geothermal if you want off the 

 self-sufficiency- email me off list and I can turn you on to some good

info  and food for thought.



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