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Mon Aug 17 23:04:47 PDT 2009

I am pretty sure that there are former V8Q owners who still participate in
this group ... 


.... funny you would mention this ... 

Over the past weekend I had a couple days to be up close and personal with a
1985 ur-quattro which now sports a 4.2 liter ABZ powerplant.  Yes, I
consider myself to be quite fortunate!

The reason I wanted to respond to the project you describe ... while you may
have no other choice but to base a project on a $400 car that has been
through who knows what; given that you will be creating plenty of new
challenges by trying to drop in a new motor you may want to reconsider.
Reading your post I'd infer some frustration with your V8 ... perhaps
reliability problems ... how could you expect anything different from using
such an obviously poorly maintained example as your basis?  How would you
feel when you get the motor in the car and working ... and then you blow up
the abused propshaft?

Put another way ... if you really want to consider creating a new V8-powered
quattro, you really would do well to try to find a well sorted car to start
with.  Similarly, you may well find that there is a better candidate for the
V8 powerplant in your project than a PT engine from an automatic V8Q.
(Hint: over the past weekend I learned that the 1997 ABZ may be the optimum

Steve Buchholz

PS - I have yet to take this advice myself as yet, but if you really are
interested in this sort of project you might well want to poke around the
motorgeek site ... 

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I'm thinking about buying this and swapping my V8 into it:

I really miss the sporty-coupeness of my Corrado, but I've discovered that I
can't live without all-wheel-drive.  I also really love the V8 motor,
though, so it seems like a CQ with a V8 would be the best of all worlds!

The question is, would I still get to hang around on this list?


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