[V8] talk me into or out of it...

Seamus O'Carey cheshirecatsbox at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 16:14:43 PDT 2009

I found a '90 V8 for $250.  It has about 150k miles, needs a hydraulic pump,
front brakes, an alignment (and front tires), but is in otherwise pretty
good shape.  The body and interior is actually in better shape than my
current V8.

The only problems with getting it:

1.  To get to it I have to ride a train for 9 hours, then drive it back
(which will take about another 7-8 hours).

2.  Before I can drive it back I have to replace two of the tires, which are
worn down to the belts on the inside.  I found a pair of used tires (80%
tread) for $80 - mounted, balanced, and out the door, at a shop located near
the car.

3.  It doesn't have current tags and I'm not sure what the rules are on
buying a car and driving it across state lines where it will (maybe) be
registered.  I don't know how I would register it before I got it home, but
I also don't know how I would get it home without registering it fist.  It's
a conundrum!  I wonder if they'd notice if I put the plates from my current
V8 on it.  They're nearly identical after all!  :D

But on the other hand, it's a V8 for $250 that can be driven home (add to
that, $80 for tires, $60 for the train ticket, and however much for gas and
it's more like $400+).  It has black leather sport seats (just like mine) in
great shape, with all of the heaters working.  All the lights are in good
condition (unlike mine) and all of the window switches work (unlike mine)
and the body has no dents or scratches (unlike mine).

Here are the only pics I have of it:




What do you think?


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