[V8] Headlight Switch

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Mon Aug 24 22:13:19 PDT 2009

The air bag controller has a built in battery ... they all do ... it may not be a bad idea to disconnect the battery (assuming you know the radio code), but there's no reason whatsoever to wait 30 minutes.  You'll see the airbag wires, they are on red connectors ... one wire attaching to the steering wheel, and the other connector to one of the column covers.  There's not too much to worry about accidentally blowing the airbag ... 

Steve Buchholz

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Thanks for the replies!!� A friend told me to disconnect the battery and wait 30 plus minutes so I won't have a problem with the air bag.� I that true on the V8's also?� I know these cars have some weird features and I want to make sure there's no "back-up" battery for the air bag.

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