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Good for you Roger! I've enjoyed your posts for years and even though I no longer own a V8q I still subscribe because of the interesting posts that come up on the list...and yours are certainly amongst the most entertaining! 

Let us know once you have the website up and running and I'll check it out! 

Best regards, 


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Well, here it is. I am making a preliminary announcement to this list 
because you all have endured my diatribes over the years, and some of you, 
probably in an effort to shut me up, have suggested that I actually writer 
MORE rather than less! Amazing! 

Actually it has been in my planning for many years to move on and to write 
more and on a regular basis. 

Therefore, I am announcing here FIRST, that sometime around the first of 
January, I will launch a new website called www.acadiareaders.com. This 
website will be a vehicle for my writings among other activities. There 
will be several pages on the website that I am planning right now, including 
an automobile page where there will be miscellanenous ramblings about things 
automotive and eventually, my own car reviews. 

I am also going to have a sort of editorial page where I plan to research 
and discuss various social or societal topics that are of a sensitive 
nature. I think that this section in particular might include an 
opportunity to support the website AND make a chartible contribution to 
whichever cause is being presented. 

My plan is to change and add something at least twice a month and 
eventually, make it once a week. Pictures, articles, stuff. 

No. The site is not a freebe. I am advertising on the site and there will 
be other things that hopefully will eventually generate enough cash to keep 
it in operation. We'll see. 

I have thought a great deal about the way the Internet is changing the way 
that we communicate, and believe that this will become a new form of 
publishing. I know little to nothing about programming, and want to know 
less, I think this will get launched on the first and then for the first 
quarter I will have to flesh it out. I own the site now, and will get it to 
the host shortly. 

Perhaps you folks will visit! 


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