[V8] Subaru question. VLAC

Scott Phillips Scottp at ippe.com
Tue Dec 1 11:48:02 PST 2009

If you search Car-Part.com for the trans, you'll find that the trans
(used) with low miles (<50K) range between 800 and 1300 dollars. Typical
R&R Time of 7 hours (even at 100/hr) only warrants a total of $2000..

Where this guy gets off charging 3900 is crazy... 

Depending on the condition of the car I "Might" be okay with dumping the
2k into it, but IMHO the 4K would be a deal breaker..

Good Luck with the Scooby.. (Audi Content - you can always loan her the
V8 LOL) ;-)

Scott P

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