[V8] Subaru question. VLAC

Jason Wilkerson wilke_jb at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 1 12:41:41 PST 2009

I agree with scott - can be fixed for half of what the guy says.  Thing about those seal failures is that it is a snowball effect.  Seal starts leaking, more fluid flows through the crack - opening it up.  Reverse clutches start to engage or disengage at inappropriate times, causing contamination, causing filter clogging, causing lower pressure, causing less force on the clutches, causing more slippage - point is it is just going to get worse and probably in a hurry.  I would tell her to limit her trips to 10 miles from home or less - light on the throttle, don't let it idle too much and don't let it get too hot - drive it till it dies.  When it does die, find someone to do it for under $2k - or junk it and get a honda accord with under 75k.  Just my .02  Good luck.  Jason


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