[V8] 5sp Trunk shocks

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 8 16:42:54 PST 2009

Subject: Re: [V8] 5sp roll call again

> Just the ECU... you must have the 3.6 wireing harness as well rite?!
> & I wouldn't put that IA chip in!!! I'd get in touch with fellow lister 
> Scott Phillips & get you one of those Euro ABT chips!
> True my 91 5sp has the trunk shocks... might be that that spoiler was/is 
> so heavy that eather Keith or Dave changed them out in fav for the spring 
> setup?.
> I'd offer you up a set of trunk shocks... (& what do you mean 
> brackets????.. those metal half round ball posts that screw into the trunk 
> arms... or?????)
> ..... but you'r prolly better off getting new trunk shocks then used.. 
> (but in good shape ;-).... shocks that I have in my stash.

Not sure if Dave's car was swapped over by him or Keith at some point in 
time, or came that way. However, IIRC, it was a mid year change from the 
springs to the shocks. It seems like a friends 91 had springs in it, I know 
the 90 I parted did. However, my 91 has the shocks.

And, yes, Dave C.'s old car has the 3.6 wiring harness and whatnot, and the 
3.6 intake, in addition to the ECU.


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