[V8] fuel pump sender locking ring removal?

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 15:09:30 PST 2009

I have only done this once, but I was able to put on a heavy leather glove
and get that ring loose with just my hand.  I am not especially strong and
my hands are probably smaller than average so maybe I was just lucky.


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> Looking at the manuals didn't give me a sense of this until I 
> got in there....
> The locking ring that holds the fuel sender in place needs to 
> come out, so I can get to the fuel pump. Having disconnected 
> the cottonpickin' thing and looking at the locking ring, it 
> looks like you can't just twist it off with your hands and 
> even with a short pry bar turned sideways across the grooves, 
> I can't get enough leverage to budge it...rather, I'm afraid 
> that if I put too much leverage on two points of that ring, 
> I'll foul it up for good.
> From the diagrams in the manual, it looks like there's a 
> special tool (3087) that's used. Any BTDT with getting that 
> thing off without the tool? I don't really wanna put the fuel 
> lines and everything back together, since I'm halfway to 
> getting the fuel pump out, but if I have to, I will, and take 
> it up another day.
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