[V8] fuel pump sender locking ring removal?

Karl Middlebrooks benzeenprophet at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 17 17:01:15 PST 2009

Well, after all that work, and yep, a mild chemical burn on my right hand, I 
got the fuel pump out and cleaned the screen on it. However, it turns out it 
wasn't really all that dirty. Not much 'lint' came off the thing. After 
reinstallation (and a slight moment of panic when I went to start the car, 
and it wouldn't turn over at first, because removing the banjo bolt on the 
top of the sender let fuel out of the line), it turns out that the fuel pump 
is only slightly less loud than it was before. And I mean 'slightly' as in 
"I could be imagining that it's less loud, but I'm going to be happy with 
that for the moment, because I don't want to think I just spent 2 hours in 
the trunk huffing gas for no good reason."

Downside: lost braincells, a fantastic smell that's bound to make me popular 
with the ladies, and no significant change in my fuel pump volume.
Upside: I know how to R&R the fuel pump and sender, which makes me happy, 
and gives me that warm sense of accomplishment...not too warm, though...I'm 
pretty sure I'm still flammable.

Thanks to everyone for all the advice, and the lister who loaned me the fuel 
pump wrench (made that part of the job just ridiculously easy). I did 
remember to disconnect the battery before starting this job, and used a 
nifty little LED flashlight for a light source, so as not to have extra heat 
sources there in that closed space.

Once in Dallas, I saw a fellow with Georgia plates on his old Camaro or 
Firebird or something pull up to the gas station, hop out with the car 
running and start filling his car up while smoking a cigarette. Fortunately 
for everyone, nothing happened, but I was just waiting to see a Car-BQ.

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Subject: Re: [V8] fuel pump sender locking ring removal?

> Karl,
> I've ben that guy, so I understand your concern. The mechanic wondering 
> what the hell you were doing, that is...................
> That being said, I've done plenty of fuel pumps/senders exactly that way. 
> Large stright-blade screwdriver, and a hammer. I usually work my way 
> around, so as not to jamb it into one side. I've dealt with that problem 
> only once, and it was a huge PITA!.
> Tony
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> Subject: Re: [V8] fuel pump sender locking ring removal?
> Thanks. I just wanted a sanity check before I went tapping on the thing 
> with a flat metal bar and a rubber mallet. Which, in the end, is what got 
> the thing to rotate without any damage to it.
> Not having done a lot of this work before, I'm a little overcautious about 
> doing something that might leave something in a state where it can't be 
> reassembled without proper application of large amounts of cash, and a 
> real mechanic looking at me like, "What the hell did you think you were 
> doing?"

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