[V8] $500 V8 For Sale

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I can't remember... why do both calipers need to be replaced?


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Bastian:  What is the availability of the front internally mounted (UFO)
brake calipers in Germany?  And at what price?  

Also as far as I have been able to tell, the rebuilding kits are NOT
available in the US.  There are a lot of parts places advertising on line,
but none have them as far as I have been able tell.  Between my mechanic and
me, we have called about a dozen places with NO results.

This brake caliper situation is serious because if both calipers needed to
be replaced, it will end up costing over $1100 before sales tax.  Assuming
that the installation was done professionally, the cost of new front brakes
including rotors, calipers and pads will cost....well, labor rates here for
me are around $70 per hour.  I understand that is low compared with other
parts of the country.

It will be very difficult to replace the UFO front brakes with anything that
will equal the power of the brakes unless the wheels are changed also.
Changing wheels is problematical because any wheel over 16" in daily use
here will eventually bend.  Sixteen inch wheels are marginal, so brake
choices are limited if it comes to that.


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I follow your discussion very curious and would like to give you some 
facts from middle Europe:

- German and Austria have together perhaps 3000 Audi V8 left (whereas 
those both countries together with Switzerland should make the majority)
- Most of them are in a rather poor condition, whereas the gap becomes 
wider: More and more very well maintained ones from enthusiasts or 
(seldom) older people who are the first owners and much more more or 
less wrecked ones which drive but wouldn't even get a new MOT allowance 
any more, not to speak about their general condition
- Those maintained ones get up in price - usually no chance below 4000.- EU.
- "Special" Audi V8 (very low mileage, long wheel based, classic liners, 
armored versions...) are siginificantly increasing in price the last 
couple of years
- Old- and Youngtimer magazines discover the Audi V8 and call it a 
"insider's tip", slowly but constantly new articles about the V8 (also 
multipages) are released
- The amount of conventions/cometogethers raises year by year and they 
become larger (>40 cars easily possible) so as a I consequence I assume 
the community becomes more organised. Also newcomers stay longer (in the 
forum at least)

In my personal opinion the Audi V8 is the only car able to step in a row 
with the Audi Urquattro and also experience its extreme raise in price. 
Even though cars like the Audi 200 20V are very interesting, they won't 
become that popular anyways, I'm sure. Just in case I'm wrong I also own 
one of those, hehe, but no, I think the Audi V8 is the one which will 
make it. Assuming that the community becomes stronger over time and more 
organised to have a long-term chance against Audi's spare part politics.

By the way, the spare part situation of Audi 200 and V8 is pretty much 


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