[V8] V8 might be going away soon...

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Well, in that case, go test drive some and get a feel for them. I'd say 
drive a 200 20V, a 4000Q, that B4 90Q, perhaps a type 44 10V Turbo, an UrS4 
or UrS6 (1992-1996, 97 in Canada), and an A4. Make sure to drive your V8 as 
comparison to these as well. However, on the subject of the A4, keep in mind 
these are much more fragile cars than the earlier cars.

At one point in time, German car manufacturers designed and built a car, 
then decided what it would be priced at. Now, they say, we need a car this 
size and price, design and build it. Big difference in overall execution. 
They are still far nicer and safer than a comparable Aisian or American car, 
but not anything like the old ones. MB actually used to build them with the 
intention of this: By the time you could afford one, they figured you to be 
in your mid forties. You would then purchase it, and it would last you for 
the rest of your life. I have some older literature covering this. Now, 
imagine that with a brand new C300 4matic. I don't think so!!!

BTW, this started changing in the early to mid 90's for most of the Germans 
(and Swedes, for that matter).


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>I have enjoyed the V8Q immensely so far, but I might be at a disadvantage
> when trying to fully appreciate it simply because I've never driven any
> other Audi.  I have no basis for comparison (which is where you guys come
> in).
> Honestly if my V8 had a manual transmission I'd probably keep it even with
> the problems, but as it is I hardly feel it's worth the trouble (did I
> mention it usually takes several tries to start it, because it either 
> needs
> a starter or a new flywheel?).  I have it listed for sale for $2400 right
> now, but I don't think I could bring myself to let someone actually pay 
> that
> much for it.
> I really wish I'd picked up the black 5spd conversion that was advertised
> recently, but it seems like either a 90, A4 or S4 from the same era would 
> be
> a good tradeoff as far as power, gas mileage, driving enjoyment, looks, 
> etc.

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