[V8] Replacement for the V8?

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Fri Jan 16 04:52:20 PST 2009

Well, its frozen here this morning.  About fifteen below zero as the sun
comes up, the bay covered with sea smoke, and my V8 sitting comfortably in
the garage where it will remain most of the winter.

Since I am working on the carpentry details at the store, I am driving the
truck every day for a while, and since the gas prices aren't terrible, the
"bite" of the big block isn't too bad.  

My wife's 100CS Avant is in the shop for inspection things, including rear
brakes (!) and a few other do dads that will mean a big bill on that car at
139000 miles.  We have had it about 100,000 miles so far, and it will emerge
ready for another year or so without major issue...at least I hope!

I have decided to conserve the V8.  The road crews are not applying nearly
as much salt and sand to the roads as in the past presumably due to the
recession, and I have decided that the V8 can enjoy the winter and be driven
sparingly.  It is very clean now, and no use seeing how nasty a Maine winter
can make it.  

At the Detroit Auto Show there appears to be something on the Audi horizon
that might make a good replacement for the V8 and perhaps Michele's Avant,
if and when we retire and go back to only two vehicles.  That's the Sport
Back that Audi has presented, that the pundits are speculating to be the new
Audi A7.  

Not bad, folks, not bad, I think.  

Roger, frozen in place.

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