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That is funny!
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Fiat and Chrysler have announced a combination where Fiat will take a 35%
stake in Chrysler. Eventually, this will lead to Fiat's taking a 100% stake,
obviously depending on how the arrangement works out going forward.

I understand that the first order of business will be to retool the Dodge
Ram pickup, turning that big huge open grille into the extrusion port for
the onboard pasta machine that will become standard equipment in every
Chrysler product.

And, instead of those obnoxious Dodge truck commercials where the guys are
bashing the trucks over a rough proving ground course, the guys will now be
sitting in front of their trucks, wearing trendy yuppy clothes, holding a
glass of red wine, and discussing how to dial in the various types of pasta
being extruded from their truck grilles and trading lasagna recipes.

Remember:  you heard it here first!


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