[V8] rusty brake line connections

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Jan 23 10:39:16 PST 2009

Kent McLean wrote:
>  From Grassroots Motorsports email:
> <quote>
> Unscrewing rusty brake lines is often an exercise in frustration.
> We’ve got several tips this month to make the job easier on you
> and your brake lines. First off, soak the connection in a high-quality
> penetrating oil like CRC’s Screwloose, Kroil or PB Blaster. Let
> the oil soak in for several days before taking a wrench to the line.
> Second, be sure and use the proper flare wrench, as it will latch
> onto a rusted fitting better than a standard open-ended wrench.
> Finally, when you’re getting ready to loosen the fitting, first tighten
> the connection about 1/16 of an inch before you try to loosen it.
> This will often be the difference between a stripped nut and one
> that can be reused.
> </>
> I like the tip to let the penetrating oil sit for *several* days.
> That stuff really works better when you give it time, lots
> of time.

Cyclo "breakaway" is also a good penetrant to use.

Also, a trick one of the old pros next door uses (especially on 
bleeders) is to set up the wrench (or 6 pt socket/ratchet for a 
bleeder), and then use a tiny hammer to rap the wrench over and over. 
It acts like a very low torque impact wrench, and increases the chance 
of getting the bleeder out instead of breaking it.

Huw Powell



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