[V8] V8 17" Tire Size

Korn, Bob Bob.Korn at Fike.com
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I'm running 245/45ZR17 Hancook Ventus V4ES on Audi Snowflake rims off an
2000 S4. I think the rims are 17X8.  They have a 45 offset, I'm using a
25mm H&R spacer, pushes them out a little more than stock, gives the car
a nice aggressive stance.  I get a little rub on full lock on the rear
of the inner wheel well  and with the trunk loaded I'll scrape the rear
fender flares ever so slightly if I hit a dip/bump at higher speeds, all
in all a very livable combination.  Have Koni Sports, full soft, and
stock springs, the ride is much stiffer than stock of course, but not a
kidney killer.  I'm in the Kansas City area and we are blessed with
relatively decent roads so the harsher ride is acceptable to me. With
about 30-350K on the Hancooks I'm getting ready to replace.  Had pretty
decent wear on them with the spacers up until recently, I'm sure it's
time for an alignment!  Overall the tires were a nice balance of
handling, quite ride, and decent traction in the occasional snow in this
area.  Not so good Curious what others are using for an all season
performance tire.

1990 V8Q Pearl, Gray Sport Interior, Chipped, Euros    

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I have been looking at old posts regarding using either the 235/45-17 or
the 245/45-17 tire.  I am curious what everyone has decided is the best
of the two?

I am not going to change springs but currently have Koni Sports

I will be installing big brakes so figured now was a good time to decide
on a size for my 17" Boleros.

I appreciate any of your thoughts.

92 V8Q
Bruised but still running
(by the Suffolk Tornado)
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