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Sun Jan 25 08:27:12 PST 2009

I run 255/40/17's on my 91. No rub no issues, though I do use 25mm spacers  
up front to help with handling.
They are about 5% smaller than stock Dia. (speedo reads fast, OK with me),  
can't hurt acceleration on my 91 automatic which needs all the help it can get  
off the line. 
For cars as big as ours all the tire you can reasonably fit under there is  
what you want. The only negatives are that a fat tire likes to Hydroplane  
easier, though the extra lateral width can help with stopping in the snow. The  
bigger tires can also help with raising your cornering limits but will hurt  
your gas milage as the heavier tires need more energy to get accelerated.
I have seen folks with 225s on their cars stating they where the optimum  
size for handling, but did not want to argue with them that they are WAY  too 
small for a car weighting as much as a V8.
I run Kumho ASXs which are labeled "ultra high performance all season".  
Never felt the need for snows in a quattro though I live North of Boston, even  in 
a foot of snow on unplowed roads. Very good price: 99 bucks from Tire Rack.  
They have worn WAY better than the uber expensive Michelin Pilot Sports, and 
the  uber cheap Hancooks that I have on the car previously. They are a bit 
noisy  though.
My 2 cents.
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V8 17"  Tire Size 

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