[V8] Distributor rotor replacements

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 25 09:42:05 PST 2009

Agree on the R&R of both dizzy & flange seals.

 On the p-side dizzy, yes that connector is the Hall Sender & from the sounds of it it's not performing it's job. While the car will obviousley still start & run without it.... the car is certainley lacking power wise with it being bad!
 Sounds like the plastic connector @ the dizzy housing is broke? If so I would inspect the small gauge wires under the broke connector. I'd be worried that one or some of them are compromised now.
 I have a good used one if you need it.

 The two connectors @ the fuel rail are the knock sensors. & sounds like they should be replaced. I got mine from Bruce... but check e-bay they are cheap there. If you need any links I can suppley them for you.

 As far as the inj..... the 3.6 inj are different in that they have a seperated spacer & an o-ring. No pintal cap @ the end/nozzle.... it's just metal. 
 You can ask around for the rebuild kits for the 3.6 inj. Scott Dewitt could possibley get the kits.. but you can get them @ the dealer for sure. But if you search e-bay you can find modern/non-different inj. Be mindfull that the Inj for the 3.6 are 14.25lbs!

 If you need a FPR I have two with very low miles. The one on my 5sp only has 20 minutes worth of driving on it. The one in my wife's old V8 has a few thousand K's. But if not,
 you can find FPR on e-bay for like $70'ish. I haven't bought one from e-bay so I have no idea if they are true Bosch made in Germany FPR?! But the ones I have are made in germany. Some listers who have recientley bought FPR were reported to be made in China <yuk>!
 The FPR line @ the back of the FPR that enters the Intake area is very importaint!!!! I'de suggest getting a new one from the dealer.. I would NOT just use line from your local FLAPS!
The rear line that goes around the intake openning can be gotten from the local FLAPS... BTDT. Just take your old hose down with you to size it up.

 As far as whatelse you should replace..... how deep is your wallet?....LOL
I'de suggest the Intake gaskets, VC gaskets, spark plugs, maybe temp sensors, four wire 02, ect ect ect.......... the list could go on :-)

 CAPS... they are expensive! I have heard that you could use a cap from a Yugo??????? Maybe some other listers know for sure???? & use the Burnt Orange rotors. The d-side dizzy calls for a Black set screw type rotor.. but DO NOT use it! Just get two of the Orange ones.


--- On Sun, 1/25/09, Mark Kalbskopf <gbmarc at cox.net> wrote:

> From: Mark Kalbskopf <gbmarc at cox.net>
> Subject: Re: [V8] Distributor rotor replacements
> To: v8 at audifans.com
> Date: Sunday, January 25, 2009, 12:11 PM
> I have decided to go a little deeper at the moment, so I
> have plenty  
> of room.
> I'm going to replace the O-rings on the distributors
> and the blue  
> seals beneath them.
> (I still think getting the distribs off is a pain though)
> On my RHS dist. there is an electrical connector on top
> which has  
> disintegrated. I thing it might be for the Hall sensor, but
> I'm not  
> sure.
> Trying to figure out what to do as I guess it means a new
> distributor  
> to replace that connector.  or else I guess I could just
> strap it into  
> place using some plastic ties.
> The whole plastic connector issue is a problem at this age,
> as they  
> all seem to crumble.
> I have the whole inlet manifold off right now, to get at
> the water  
> pipe below it, and in removing the manifold, there are two
> electrical  
> connectors on the very top of it (I think they might be for
> the knock  
> sensors) which came apart in my hands. In fact the whole
> length of the  
> wire for these has all the plastic cracking up.
> Maybe I should replace the sensors too, as I'm here?
> Also I notice the ends of the little orange seals on the
> bottom of the  
> fuel injectors has damage on a couple of them.
> And maybe I should do the pressure regulator since I have
> all the  
> lines disconnected.  Not to mention the breather hose
> underneath the  
> manifold!
>   It never ends!
> All the thick vacuum lines (one from the FPR, and one at
> the rear by  
> the airbox, snapped off in my hand because they were so
> brittle.
> Anything else I should do?
> Do the injectors ever need cleaning?
> Mark.
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