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Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 15:41:09 PST 2009

I have some 255/40-17s on 17x9 et35 rims and get no rub.  

If you do the calculations, 255/40-17 is almost exactly the same diameter as
the stock size of 215/60-15.  

However, as Jack states, the extra width of the rubber on the road can cause
all kinds of possibly unexpected sensations from hydroplaning to tramlining
to increased noise, etc.  If you're front end components are compromised at
all, I'm talking about ball joints, tie rods ends, subframe bushings, etc.,
you will be very well aware of it with wider tires, even if you never felt
anything untoward before.

And weight has at least as big an effect on acceleration, if not more, than
diameter and its affect on final drive ratio.  The combo I quoted above
weight 51+ pounds per tire and wheel and makes the car feel like a cattle


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> I run 255/40/17's on my 91. No rub no issues, though I do use 
> 25mm spacers  
> up front to help with handling.
> They are about 5% smaller than stock Dia. (speedo reads fast, 
> OK with me),  
> can't hurt acceleration on my 91 automatic which needs all 
> the help it can get  
> off the line. 
> For cars as big as ours all the tire you can reasonably fit 
> under there is  
> what you want. The only negatives are that a fat tire likes 
> to Hydroplane  
> easier, though the extra lateral width can help with stopping 
> in the snow. The  
> bigger tires can also help with raising your cornering limits 
> but will hurt  
> your gas milage as the heavier tires need more energy to get 
> accelerated. I have seen folks with 225s on their cars 
> stating they where the optimum  
> size for handling, but did not want to argue with them that 
> they are WAY  too 
> small for a car weighting as much as a V8.
> I run Kumho ASXs which are labeled "ultra high performance 
> all season".  
> Never felt the need for snows in a quattro though I live 
> North of Boston, even  in 
> a foot of snow on unplowed roads. Very good price: 99 bucks 
> from Tire Rack.  
> They have worn WAY better than the uber expensive Michelin 
> Pilot Sports, and 
> the  uber cheap Hancooks that I have on the car previously. 
> They are a bit 
> noisy  though.
> My 2 cents.
> Cheers,
> Jack
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> V8 17"  Tire Size 
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