[V8] Proud owner 1993 w/ 82k

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 31 08:54:35 PST 2009

Before we start to talking about what you propose below..... cause I might know a bit about what you propose.... ;-)
 is it possible to keep the car & your Cyclamen one as well?

 & we are talking about this one rite?

 (Sorry for the HUGE link)


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> Subject: [V8] Proud owner 1993 w/ 82k
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> Date: Saturday, January 31, 2009, 11:21 AM
> H'audi,
> Yesterday, my dad and I drove up to Mount Vernon, WA and
> bought the 1993
> that has been on Autotrader for a few weeks.  Got a pretty
> good deal, too.
> (It's amazing that I paid less than I did for my 1990
> 6yrs ago, and it had
> 127k!)
> The good:
> Motor runs strong
> Trans shifts smooth
> Has all of the 'newer' 4.2 creature comforts -
> Climate control is a huge
> improvement
> Travertine interior is in great shape
> Mechanically well maintained - no paperwork, but carfax
> includes itemized
> dealer maintenance now
> I averaged 22.8mpg on a 250mile road trip (with a 4.2!)
> She just feels so much younger to drive than my 1990 w/
> 182k
> The bad:
> Ragusa is not my favorite (but not my least favorite) color
> Paint is pretty rough (door dings, scratches, etc)
> T-stat needs to be replaced - I think on the 4.2s, the
> computer knows this
> and displays the coolant warning light, which is happening
> in addition to
> the fact that the water temp is way lower than 85deg.  Gas
> mileage should go
> up, too.
> Bose setup needs new capacitors, or to be replaced.
> When I bought my 1990, it had H&R springs and Koni
> Sports on it. This is the
> first time I have driven a V8 with the stock suspension
> and, although it is
> not bad, I miss the sportier feeling/looking setup I am
> used to.  I am sure
> the 15" wheels/tires play into the feel as well.
> Servotronic is weird.  I am not sure if I like the variable
> power assist on
> the steering yet, but I do know that it does not have the
> same 'real' feel
> that the non-servotronic cars have.
> Sport seats are better than Barco-loungers (IMHO).
> Soooo, here is what I need your help with: I need to keep
> the best and sell
> the rest.  
> Do I transfer all the newer bits onto my 1990?
> Cyclamen paint is so beautiful (and in great condition!),
> but this would be
> a ton of work, and eventual selling price / what the
> insurance co says the
> car is worth would be based on a 1990...
> http://www.myv8q.com/jward/pics/dscn3319.jpg - hard to
> believe this was
> three years ago
> Do I keep the 1993 Ragusa car?
> I would transfer the suspension, wheels, tires, black
> taillights, clear
> blinkers, sport seats, and a few other bits.
> Now if I keep the Ragusa, do I part out the Cyclamen, or
> sell it with all
> the good bits taken off and a T-Belt that still needs to be
> done?  Beautiful
> car, but the work required will affect the selling price...
> I know a few of you have parted out V8's before; how
> long does the process
> take, and how much money can one expect for the various
> parts?
> Thanks for listening, and sorry for giving you all one more
> reason to hate
> Jeremy Ward ;-)
> Cheers,
> - Jeremy w/ 2 V8s in Portland
> www.MyV8Q.com 
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