[V8] Proud owner 1993 w/ 82k

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 31 13:50:49 PST 2009


Let me start out by saying it's great to hear from you on the list again.

Your 90 is absolutely beautiful. I recall when you were going through the 
painting process. I know it's hard to decide between two cars that you like. 
There are things that are nicer about both of the cars, earlier and later. I 
like the climate control of the later ones better (although prefer manual 
controls over that) and the seat controls. Also, the outside temp reading in 
the dash. I like the older door handles, and the much more playful nature of 
the 3.6. However, the 4.2's are definately torquier and faster that the 
3.6's. The servotronic can be unplugged at the rack, however, I prefer it.

As for parting the 90, I think you'd be better off selling it whole with the 
stock parts from the 93. Basically, I'd take the suspension and wheels that 
you like from the 90, and put them on the 93. Then, fix anything else that's 
an issue, and enjoy it.

As for the stereo, I'd think about getting red of the old stuff and go to 
something modern. so much has changed since then, and the newer stereo's are 
amazing. I have kept the stock one in my V8 because it works fine, but if I 
had to put an $$ or effort into it, it would be aftermarket time. I also 
thought about making a wooden cover for it so it would look clean when not 
in use. Something along the lines of the TT cover.

UrS4/S6 sport seats are GREAT!! If you like sports, get a set of them. You 
won't be dissappointed.

Or, you could keep them both ;-)

Tony Hoffman

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Subject: [V8] Proud owner 1993 w/ 82k

> Sport seats are better than Barco-loungers (IMHO).
> Soooo, here is what I need your help with: I need to keep the best and 
> sell
> the rest.
> Do I transfer all the newer bits onto my 1990?
> Cyclamen paint is so beautiful (and in great condition!), but this would 
> be
> a ton of work, and eventual selling price / what the insurance co says the
> car is worth would be based on a 1990...
> http://www.myv8q.com/jward/pics/dscn3319.jpg - hard to believe this was
> three years ago
> Do I keep the 1993 Ragusa car?
> I would transfer the suspension, wheels, tires, black taillights, clear
> blinkers, sport seats, and a few other bits.
> Now if I keep the Ragusa, do I part out the Cyclamen, or sell it with all
> the good bits taken off and a T-Belt that still needs to be done? 
> Beautiful
> car, but the work required will affect the selling price...
> I know a few of you have parted out V8's before; how long does the process
> take, and how much money can one expect for the various parts?
> Thanks for listening, and sorry for giving you all one more reason to hate
> Jeremy Ward ;-)
> Cheers,
> - Jeremy w/ 2 V8s in Portland
> www.MyV8Q.com 

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