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Wow! 82k. Hmm. I guess my first question is "why did you buy it?  'Cause of the great deal and low miles?  Getting tired of yours and just wanted a new one? I understand. Hmm. That paint on yours was beautiful. And so was the handling. One of the best-performing free-revving 3.6 motors as I recall, too.  Valuating these cars monetarily is about as difficult as real estate today. For me the only real pluses on the later car are the climate control and remote lock/unlock key fob. Maybe the motor (certainly with it's lower mileage. Oh, and also the aux trans cooler --though aside from the additional fan/sensor -- could probably be made to fit in your 3.6 car. 

Nice to have that dilemma, though ;-D

Ingo Rautenberg

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Yesterday, my dad and I drove up to Mount Vernon, WA and bought the 1993
that has been on Autotrader for a few weeks.  Got a pretty good deal, too.
(It's amazing that I paid less than I did for my 1990 6yrs ago, and it had

The good:
Motor runs strong
Trans shifts smooth
Has all of the 'newer' 4.2 creature comforts - Climate control is a huge
Travertine interior is in great shape
Mechanically well maintained - no paperwork, but carfax includes itemized
dealer maintenance now
I averaged 22.8mpg on a 250mile road trip (with a 4.2!)
She just feels so much younger to drive than my 1990 w/ 182k

The bad:
Ragusa is not my favorite (but not my least favorite) color
Paint is pretty rough (door dings, scratches, etc)
T-stat needs to be replaced - I think on the 4.2s, the computer knows this
and displays the coolant warning light, which is happening in addition to
the fact that the water temp is way lower than 85deg.  Gas mileage should go
up, too.
Bose setup needs new capacitors, or to be replaced.

When I bought my 1990, it had H&R springs and Koni Sports on it. This is the
first time I have driven a V8 with the stock suspension and, although it is
not bad, I miss the sportier feeling/looking setup I am used to.  I am sure
the 15" wheels/tires play into the feel as well.

Servotronic is weird.  I am not sure if I like the variable power assist on
the steering yet, but I do know that it does not have the same 'real' feel
that the non-servotronic cars have.

Sport seats are better than Barco-loungers (IMHO).

Soooo, here is what I need your help with: I need to keep the best and sell
the rest.  

Do I transfer all the newer bits onto my 1990?
Cyclamen paint is so beautiful (and in great condition!), but this would be
a ton of work, and eventual selling price / what the insurance co says the
car is worth would be based on a 1990...
http://www.myv8q.com/jward/pics/dscn3319.jpg - hard to believe this was
three years ago

Do I keep the 1993 Ragusa car?
I would transfer the suspension, wheels, tires, black taillights, clear
blinkers, sport seats, and a few other bits.

Now if I keep the Ragusa, do I part out the Cyclamen, or sell it with all
the good bits taken off and a T-Belt that still needs to be done?  Beautiful
car, but the work required will affect the selling price...

I know a few of you have parted out V8's before; how long does the process
take, and how much money can one expect for the various parts?

Thanks for listening, and sorry for giving you all one more reason to hate
Jeremy Ward ;-)


- Jeremy w/ 2 V8s in Portland

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