[V8] 93 Audi V8 / AT ZF4HP24A

D Morralee superdaveski at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 10 09:55:20 PDT 2009

93 V8 4.2 AT 

I've been having this intermittent problem for a couple of years . It's one of those problems I've never seen any reference to .

Here is the problem . 

Car runs great for the first 20 mins and then the speedometer sputters back and forth to what ever speed you are doing 0 - 60 mph ( car is now at operating temperature ). A couple minuets after that the speedometer drops to O and just stays there . The Speedo then stars to sputter up and down again but there is a difference …. the engine then turns on and off like you were turning the ign on and off ? This all happens very quickly not enough for you to pull the car onto the side of the road . If you're in Stop and Go traffic then sometimes you will have to restarted the engine . This funky stuff only happens for a couple of mins and then the car runs great. What is it ? I hope you're not reading this and thinking you have the answer …. It's the Speedo transmitter ( G68 ) that is causing the problem . The Speedo transmitter is on the ZF4HP24A Auto Trans by the mulit switch . This sensor picks up the rotation of the LH driveshaft and sends the signal to TCU & or the speedometer . These sensors are build/designed like the ref / rpm / abs sensors running on other parts of the engine and chassis . As we are all aware that these sensors get heat cycled and eventually die a slow death. Not sure how this all ties into the end result of the car cutting out, but I do know that it is related to Heat .

Other than that the new tires and rim combination has worked out great . Tonight I'm picking up my and installing my new K&N filter. Next week I'm getting some exhaust modification done . One of the mufflers is coming off and new stainless steel pipes will be added . 

Well that’s my news . Superdave . 

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