[V8] Headliner sunroof questions. Oh and pillars...

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Fri Jul 17 17:50:59 PDT 2009

Hey all,  

So still here... Still got the V8 and its still..... Rough.  But I'm working on the headliner... Still... However, progress is great.  Got 90% of the issues worked out now, and I'm doing it all in suede.  Very nice material and durable as well.    

so my questions are firstly,  how do you get the larger pillars in the rear off?  The are the same color as the old headliner so I think I will redo them with the extra material.  I got them loose but i can't get them loose on the bottom to pull out.  

ok so as well... Two pieces on the sunroof, a plastic piece with foam on it like a track of some sort... And a metal clip I had to take offm  its now been so long I forget how they go!  Any pics or pointers would help.  Ill try for pics when I have my cpu up again.

Hope all is well with everyone's beasts.  Mines quietly hibernating for the summer in the garage .
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