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Well I got the whole headliner prepped and my grandfather is going to help me bend a few spots and add resin where it got a bit chewed up by me.  I also figured out how to keep the contours off the sunroof so it looks very clean.  Good stuff.

Still could use help with the rearmost and thick pillars and gettin them off.  Thanks.

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Date: 7/18/09 2:59 am
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Subj: [V8]  So, who scored these?
Interesting.....The guy I got the Pearl car from(S. of olympia/north  
of Yelm), his entire extended family lives down in that neck of the  
woods, and all own Audis, and I think the sister/cousin I met lived  
in Yelm.....You do know that's where Ramtha is channeled  
from......Maybe Ramtha bought them to better "see the  
light"....Hopefully something positive came of this headlight deal,  
as there's been more than a few unhappy customers in the headlight  
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