[V8] Cash for Clunkers

J123fs at aol.com J123fs at aol.com
Fri Jul 24 07:08:26 PDT 2009

Hey all,
Oh the dilemma.
Been a while since I have poked my head out of lurking mode.
Thought I would ask a question about a topic that I'm not sure if has been  
covered here, namely the Government "Cash for Clunkers" program.
I have been looking for a suitable replacement for my 91 lately- which I  
thought I would just sell (new TB less than 2K ago, rebuild transmission 2 
years  ago at 5K cost- pretty good shape, Big Brake kit , ect- but not 
perfect) after  this winter for maybe 2-4K and replace it with a V8 5 spd or A6 4.2.
But, right now I can get at least 3500- maybe 4500 for it under the Cash  
for Clunkers program- likely at least an extra thousand or more than what I  
think is it's true value on a good day- maybe.
There is the rub- do I pass the car on to the highest bidder (maybe another 
 V8 enthusiast) or send it to the scrapper after taking all the good stuff 
out of  it I can -like the 3K worth of stereo equipment, big brake kit, 17 
whls, ect-  leaving a mechanically solid car to be junked?  
Or does anyone think these cars will ascend in value to the point any  time 
soon so that it would make sense to hold on to it, and/or sell it a  
complete car including the fancy stereo, and cool bits??
Has anyone been keeping tabs on recent sales prices of our beloved  cars??
Any thoughts before I run down to Chrysler (who will give me an additional  
matching allowance!!!!!, for a 9-10K off a new car!!!!).
The program ends this fall - so, I was actually thinking about it- a new  
car- and with winter coming................... but would a new car be as my 
cool  as an old V8??
Oh the dilemma.
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