[V8] Cash for Clunkers

Scott Phillips Scottp at ippe.com
Fri Jul 24 07:27:48 PDT 2009

You know there are "rules" for getting the $4500 credit right? 

Namely this biggest one is that the car you have now has to get LESS
than 18MPG d to even qualify, then presuming it does, the car you
replace it with has to get a min of 5 MPG more. That said I'm fairly
sure your 91 gets better than the combined 18 to qualify. 

And even then, you're talking about spending lets say 20K, just to get a
4500 credit? That's 16,5 financed over 5yrs or about $250.00/mth; not to
mention that you have to have full coverage insurance on your pretty new
penny.. all to save 5MPG - This is a stimulus to get people back into
buying BIG things. And as a afterthought to help lessen our dependency
on oil. 

But I gotta tell you, you're NOT going to get anything near the quality
of your 91 for 20K. Remember these cars were 50K+, 20years ago. Even
then - if you can dedicate a monthly $350 payment into maintaining the
91 - not only would it be pristine; but you'd almost never think of
selling it. 

Of course I might be delusional, but I don't think so and many here I
bet would agree.  I drive my V8's by choice, not because it was a least
cost solution or it was going to be cool to have one. 

Just my $0.02. 

-Scott P

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