[V8] V8 for sale in Germany

Bastian Preindl bastian at preindl.net
Fri Jul 24 11:44:34 PDT 2009

HI guys,

the Classic Line you're talking about is THE original Classic Line from 
the Brochure, which can be found here:


The car was found in an old farming garage in Germany in 2004. The car 
was originally one of the Audi V8 prototype cars (date of commissioning 
was 1987), which you can also see on this brochure (that's the one):


The car remained a prototype carrier when it became the first Audi V8 
with manual gearbox in 1989 or so - there is no other manual shifted V8 
from that time. Then it still remained a prototype carrier and became 
the very first Audi V8 Classic Line. It remained the only one ever sold 
with graphit-coloured wood interior, as far as known. It's brillant 
black outside and Magnolia inside. It has the "original" Classic Line 
interior (haha, it IS the original one) with manual gearbox, manual 
seats AND manual climate control. In all Classic Lines without a sunroof 
the roof is covered with stepped Connolly Leather, on those having a 
sunroof it's covered with Alcantara (like mine).

It was in a very, very bad shape when bought by the current owner - we 
were also having a look but decided to stay away 'cause of the bad 
condition. The leather on the front seats was so badly destroyed that it 
had to be replaced completely (unforunately the new leather isn't 
Connolly leather, even though you may still order it from hide.uk (even 
though Connolly went bancrupt in the 90s)). A lot of tech stuff has been 
done so at the moment it's in more or less perfect condition. I know the 
owner very well and drove already a couple of miles in that car, and 
it's really great.

So if somebody is a real collector and wants to have one of the big 
treasures out there regarding the V8 - this is should be in the collection.

Wanna know more about the Classic Line interior? Don't hesitate to ask ;)



PS.: I'll inspect the Perlmutt-white one with the manual 6-gear 
transmission and the red interior on one of the next days (most 
probably) as a friend of mine is interested in buying it. If I get there 
I can report and send some photos.

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