[V8] V8 Oil Consumption & Amsoil .......

Nick Schroder motorwise at msn.com
Tue Jul 28 15:37:29 PDT 2009

I thought all you V8 buffs out there might be interested in this.  I have a 1993 v8, 4.2 Quattro with a 5 speed, and at 150,000 miles now I have been using approximately 2 quarts of oil between the 3000 mile intervals for oil change.  At my last oil change I decided to spend the extra cash and buy  20w50 AMSOIL "High Zink" synthetic motor oil.   At 1200+ miles I haven't needed to add 1 drop of oil to the motor, as where prior to adding Amsoil I would have already needed close to a quart of oil at 1200+ miles.  Apparently the High Zink additive in this oil replaces the original Zink based coating on the cylinder walls that gets washed off over time by the petroleum in the combustion process.  The Zink content in this oil helps restore compression and reduce oil consumption, my fuel economy has improved, and no more smoke out the tailpipe !.  Being that AMSOIL is 100% synthetic, it can be left in the engine for 6000 miles before it needs changing, but I would recommend changing the filter out at 3000 and topping up the oil.  Its expensive at $12.00 a quart, but its relative really as you would spend close to as much between 2 oil changes over 6000 miles anyway with other synthetic blend oils.  And as far as oils go; Mobile 1, Valvoline Synthetic, Castrol synthetic, Pennzoil synthetic, , Quaker synthetic, and all others ( except AMSOIL , and Royal Purple ), are all synthetic blends, and are not totally synthetic motor oils.   Have fun with your results if you try it.    
    Henry, Quasimoto Automotive.

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