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... all that said ... 

He did report a marked reduction in the oil used by his engine ... something
that is important to me as I struggle to get #344 to pass its biennial smog

Perhaps it is the increased viscosity, I don't know.  My quick check on line
showed a lot of talk about Amsoil and Zinc/k (yes, both spellings) in the
"classic" vehicle and motorcycle spaces ... I read notes how the group that
specifies oil characteristics has been legislating the zinc out of oil ... 

Do I just go out and put a can of STP in the crankcase for the little while
it will take to get the car tested?  Before going to that step I want to
test the theory about oil getting sucked into the intake via the vapor
recovery circuit ... I wonder if they check for a sealed crankcase during
the smog tests?

Steve Buchholz

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Nick?  Henry? Quasimoto?

Wow, really, you have one of those ULTRA LIMITED EDITION BS V8's?  Cool,
yours has zinC plated cylinder walls!  Awesome!  I will forward this to
all the petroleum engineers I know who are under the mistaken notion that
the only reason zinC is added to motor oil is as a last barrier to
bearing contact AFTER all the lubricant is gone.  Adding more zinC to oil
is like adding a few more bags of flour to a perfect cake recipe, doesn't
improve it much.  PT Barnum didn't mean anyone on this list.

I enjoy escargot, but I prefer fast food.

>Sorry attempt to disguise snake oil pitch as legit post deleted.<

>     Henry, Quasimoto Automotive.

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