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Curious. Bob, do you have a copy of the original "clean" Carfax report?  If so, have you tried to run another? What does/ did that say? That's where I would start. 

Ingo Rautenberg

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This is not an Audi issue but with all the wisdom of this list I thought I would see if there is any advise I could get.

My son bought a used 300C last year from a used car dealer in Virginia Beach at which time they gave him a "Clean" Car Fax report.

He has since listed it on E-Bay for sale and E-bay has removed it because they say it is misrepresented.

Evidently they ran a "AutoCheck" report on it and it came back saying "Auctioned Announced AS Unibody Damage & Auctioned Announced As Fleet/Lease Title".

He has never had any problems with the car and there are no signs of any kind of damage.? Is there any further action he can take? Against CarFax/AutoCheck/Used Car Dealer/Ebay???

Thanks in advance

Bob Blake

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