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Right,  I'd bet the dealer falsified the CarFax report.  Did he get a copy
of the Fleabay report?

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Curious. Bob, do you have a copy of the original "clean" Carfax report?  If
so, have you tried to run another? What does/ did that say? That's where I
would start. 

Ingo Rautenberg

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My son bought a used 300C last year from a used car dealer in Virginia
Beach at which time they gave him a "Clean" Car Fax report.

He has since listed it on E-Bay for sale and E-bay has removed it because
they say it is misrepresented.

Evidently they ran a "AutoCheck" report on it and it came back saying
"Auctioned Announced AS Unibody Damage & Auctioned Announced As Fleet/Lease

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