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The major culprit in my experience is the forward linkage bearing. When you remove the butterfly assembly from the front of the intake manifold, just stick your hand in there -- it's only three or four inches in. Try moving the lever from there and you'll see. Unfortunately, the bearing can not be replaced without removing the intake manifold, but I've had really good luck with atf, using my finger to rub it into the bearing area, looping it around from behind, as the bearing attached to the linkage from the back iirc. This area gets very dry from the heat and little 
/ no air circulation, which makes sense.  

Good luck. 
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I'm having throttle butterflies or linkage sticking at various RPMs. I 
cleaned the idle control motor today, but that wasn't it - after 
removing the air filter box, I got it to release. It moves and returns 
cleanly, so tomorrow I'll pull the front off and try cleaning the 
Where exactly are the linkage bearings located? Does the intake have to 
come off to replace them? Are any of them 'lubeable' with like a white 
lithium spray?

Dave Head
91 V8q 5 speed, 4.2 transplant - awaiting ABT chip...
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