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I was at the expo also, got there right after 5PM. I thought the variety of cars was great. New to Old. I did not drive my V8 from MN flew in with my wife for the Rock and Roll  1/2 marathon that she ran. Met Ken Stafford, traded beers, V8q stories. I am at a loss when it comes to S8 knowledge but love those too. Ken has V8 DNA embedded in him for sure. I think the Expo venue is maybe a bit small for the number of cars that show up. 

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Just came back from AudiExpo in Burien, Washington.   Unlike other times, I 
wasn't able to display my car because there are so many what appear to be 
dealer cars occupying the entire block.  What was that?  I thought AudiExpo 
was for people like me to have a chance to display our cars; never thought 
it was an outdoor dealer lot for showing off their cars. 

Not sure if that was the reason or not, but there were so few older Audis, 
particularly the Type 44 cars that I really like. 
I only saw one V8 Quattro, a white 5-spd with big wheels, but that probably 
belonged to a vendor or some sort.  It wasn't even displayed where it was 
supposed to; it was right next to a vendor shop. 

Thinking that old V8Qs are very limited in numbers, and indeed it was, I 
drove my wife's automatic V8.  Alas!  I had to park it away from the display 
area.   It's not just our car, other Audis were forced to park somewhere 
else due to congestion, which I believe was caused by those newer cars.   If 
this is any indication of the future of AudiExpo, I see no reason to look 
forward to it. 

Disappointed Old Audi Owner in Bellevue, Washington 

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I hope you waved as you went by Boise!! 


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> Hi y'all....just got back from a 3000 mile test drive of the new 5- 
> speed and....it's a keeper.  The Alpine deck with the new Alpine 
> speakers/Ipod connection sounded/worked great.  Drove thru some 1/4"+ 
> hail(in Hailey,ID no less), and tried desperatly to find cover as 
> I've seen what a bad hail storm can do to a car...but no damage...Got 
> into a pack of about 50 cars from some Canadian VW "tuner" club 
> coming up Snoqualamie pass....That was fun!   Planning on giving it a 
> good cleaning, and driving it on down on Sat....Sincerely Tom 

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