[V8] Leak question

Mark Kalbskopf gbmarc at cox.net
Sun Jun 28 11:45:57 PDT 2009

The Audi V8 has a special leak burn-off system designed in.
Any leak on the engine will always be channeled down on to the hot  
exhaust system, where it will burn off naturally.
Leaks from, the hydraulic system or the engine will all end up there.  
Even coolant leaks will also join their more slippery colleagues in  
search of the hot pipe.
As soon as you fix  the distributor leak, the hydraulic hoses will  
begin dripping and then the breather hoses will follow along with the  
valve covers.
You will never be truly free of the leaks.
This is a brilliant system, except for when you come to stop light,  
whereupon your passengers will complain of the noxious fumes.
You should just tell them it's a special ecological feature, and if  
they can't stand the fumes in the kitchen, then . . . then . . . well,
don't be rude, just tell them, it's all fine when you reach 80mph!

90 V8 just turned 200,000.

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