[V8] New Porsche Panamera

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That may be, but consider the nightmare that V8Q electronics can be.  
Now consider how many times more nightmares lurk in the Panamera...  
Every time I read a review of recent cars that I think will end up in 
the V8Q price range in the future, I also look at the dozens of extra 
computers, systems and electronic gremlins awaiting the poor fool that 
buys one that's 5+ years old.  I have enough headaches thanks.

Besdes all that, the Panamera is the least appealing of the new line of 
sport sedans coming out.  I'll take the Aston Martin Rapide for pure 
looks or the Lamborghini Estoque (if they really build it) for its evil 
looks.  Either one is more interesting than the Panamera.  I don't know 
why, but I just don't get the warm fuzzies for 4 door vehicles from 
Porsche.  I know why they make them, I just don't like them.  There are 
2 Cayenne in my neighborhood and every time I see them I think they're 
hideous.  The Panamera looks like another bad styling exercise.  Now if 
they want to build the VW speedster and badge it like they did the 

Besides, the whole issue was brought up by Roger who is just going to 
buy Ed's 928 sooner or later and be done with it. :)


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Well the Carrera is different, but I figure the Panamera is more like 

cars, being an AWD Sedan and all.  Since the V8 was originally $50-60k 

you can get them for around $1-2k now, it stands to reason that in 10 
or 15

years the Panamera will also be only a few thousand!  I guess it'd be 

to assume they'll generally be more like $2-4k, or even as much as $8k 
for a

real nice one.  :D

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