[V8] taillight center section

Seamus O'Carey cheshirecatsbox at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 23:39:42 PDT 2009

So, I just busted out the center section of my taillight trying to back into
my friend's driveway in the dark.  I backed into what appeared to have been
some sort of canoe made of concrete (wtf is the purpose of it and why the
fuck is it in the driveway you told me to back into??).  I haven't really
looked too closely at it yet, but the lens all around the trunk lock is
smashed.  Fortunately nothing seems to be damaged or bent, but I'm still
pretty annoyed.

That's it, no question or anything, I'm just venting to pretty much the only
people who might care.  Of course I'm always open to any suggestion/advice,
but there's really not much to be done other than start looking for a


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