[V8] Volvo 5 Cyl Engine

mendezwerks at gmail.com mendezwerks at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 05:24:54 PST 2009

What an experience.
 I was working on a 2002 Volvo S60, performed a timing belt service and found that the engine was similar to Audi's 5 cyl S6 engine. It sound almost identical. I once heard that Volvo bought the rights to produce Audis 5 cyl engine, though I have not found any evidence to back up this myth. So I ask the V8 forum group to see if this is true or false. 

After all of the work was done on this S60, I drove it for about a week. It was ok. Nothing special. The only thing I liked was the noise that the engine made. The ride, the exterior, and the...... It had no soul.
My 1991 V8, is ten times the car. Period. 
I missed my V8, that's all.
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