[V8] Semi-recent post about new Stereo head units/semi long....

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Sun Mar 1 21:16:45 PST 2009

Hey, without having to dig, who posted about the place that was  
dumping the stereo head units?....I remember looking at that, and  
thinking I should just buy a few, but having no plans for fixing my  
pearl car(PO failed in his attempt to install some other stereo) and  
now that I LOVE the car and it's a winner, I am being forced to "make  
it right". I would love a NEW head unit to start the unraveling of  
the mess......Many of the original wires are still in the harness/ 
some are baked/most are spliced, but at this point I must move  
forward.  I believe Ron coined it appropriately "Deal Of The  
Century", and until recently I just called it many things,,,,but  a  
simple change of plugs has radically changed my opinion of my "parts  
car". My first compression test revealed 60-70+- on all 8....then I  
tested my 20yo compression tester....didn't go over 60 on my  
compressor(120 with a new gauge on it).......And after driving the  
car with the new plugs/etc, I don't need to buy a new compression  
tester to know it's a keeper.  Can't wait to put the new timing belt  
stuff on the blue car, and have a drag race, as the 90 lago 3.6 has  
always felt much better, till now.

Question #2....Since the pearl car had a COMPLETE timing belt job  
less than 5000 miles ago(going on 8 years ago).....can I assume that  
the "time deteriorating  part" is the rubber belt, and maybe just  
replace the "mint condition" belt(looks perfect),and feel ok about  
the rest?......Doesn't leak a drop/ALL the rest was new.  The only  
thing they didn't replace was the cover gaskets, but everything else  
is obviously new!.....gonna do it anyway, just wanted any  
input.....Hope everyone's doing well, got to do the last quick trip  
in my friend's Lamborghini Gallardo(sold, stupid car), and wanted to  
do a little drag race just for the fun of it in my " junker", but it  
didn't happen.  Was planning on filming it.   Didn't happen. Would  
have been fun.  Hope all's well...Sincerely Tom

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