[V8] What Car Next

Ingo Rautenberg ingo.rautenberg at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 10:37:09 PST 2009

Oh, you guys make me want to scream sometimes regarding our No-Fault  
law.  Thursday on the way home a deer tried to beat me at a point in  
the road.  It's the first deer I've hit while I was driving.   
Thankfully I was only doing about 40 mph.  She ran into the left  
front fender and was kicking about  on the windshield (which  
sustained zero damage), as it was caught by the Yakima Space Case  
that was affixed to my Thule rack  (only had it on the car that day  
because I had to bring a ladder to a photo-shoot).  Pushed back the  
Thule Rack six inches.  No damage to the hood that i could see. Just  
damaged the bumper cover, turn signal light, headlight, and of course  
destroyed the fender.  Fur/hair all over the car -- even on the  
trunk.  Oh, yeah.  I braked enough so that the deer skidded off the  
windshield and hood, galloped up the embankment on the right,  
suddenly froze and keeled over dead to fall into the ditch.  Sorry,  

Of course, this is covered by my insurance company under  
comprehensive, since it's not considered a collision, unlike when  
that idiot hit my parked car last month.

We'll see what happens.  Anyone have a good pearl front and rear  
bumper covers, by chance?  Left rear taillight cover?


On Mar 2, 2009, at 5:28 PM, 32VQUATTRO wrote:

> Bill, Tell the insurance company to go pound sand! I just went  
> round and
> round with a trucking companies insurance. They tried to give me  
> 2900 for
> mine. I told them to find me a replacement for 2900 that had all  
> the work I
> just put into it. My repair estimate was for 4200. we ended up  
> agreeing on a
> value of 6300 for my car. They cut me a check for the 4200, and I just
> picked up a 91 5-spd with it. As for the 92', she is all put back  
> together
> and is enjoying daily driver status as my wife's new used car.
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